Lama Sangat Parking ;)

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zwitterion said...

alahai motor tu...

arianna adrizal said...

mana datangnyer menda nih?? ;p

13may said...

hehhe...mesti umah tuan dia atas pokok tu:D

ad3ck said...

aik? *garu paler..mmg tgh gatal pon paler neh..ahaha!!*

Sikenit Comel-AminBakish said...

ajaib nih... moto tu masuk dlm pokok ke.. eh jom tepon reporter.. hehe :D

hayad said...

hahaha, ni moto ajaib namanya :p

Pa'chik said...

moto ni, kalau jual bole ni. ade enthusiast yg sanggup bayar ni.

esis said...

WAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!haahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahaha...

apa ko buat dengan motor tu...
berkilat lagi exzos

esis said...

WAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!haahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahaha...

apa ko buat dengan motor tu...
berkilat lagi exzos

tim said...
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romsam said...
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fargoman said...
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San said...

Migration is not a dirty word and will never be. Even migrating birds migrate for reasons of weather and food.

The long lost word "patriotism" is only an empty world for the politicians to achieve their agenda. If that is not true, then there would not be incidents we heard as follows:

1. Minister got caught in Australian airport with bags of undeclared millions.
2. Minister open bank accounts in Europe after retirement.
3. Minister son's multimillion mansion in Canada put up for sale after intrusion of thieves.

Well, even he is with a hidden agenda, can it be any worse than the current arrogant and unabashed abuse of power, an indifferent electorate, a muffled and depleted opposition party, a pliant press, rampant corruption and systemic dismantling of the vestiges of judiciary!

Ministers send their children to school overseas meanwhile they want the rest to attend the so-called national schools and they could shamelessly say, that is an individual choice.

Graduates from local "U" need to attend additional training course so that to tailor for the job offered. A figure of 90% unemployed graduates from local "U" and RM20 billion loans not recovered from local graduates.

What is the actual problem of the higher education in Malaysia?

BN has done a lot of damage in our education system. After 48 years of independence, the standard of education in Malaysia is getting lower and lower. The academic standards of local universities are not recognized by the foreign countries. Our local graduates are unemployed totaling to 60000.

What could BN cherish its achievements in education?

Now with the incompetence everywhere in the country, e.g. like not even one doctor can perform a simple resuscitation among the 50 doctors who attend a so-called medical conference. Do you think you want to ask your children to come back Malaysia to learn from these third-rate masters? The country has slowly loosed its skill and knowledge without even realizing it.

Until today, the argument of whether to use Chinese, English or Malay to teach science and mathematics still continues. The difference in knowledge vs. time is exponential and not linear and we have lost so much time already.

We do not have to look far, just look at Singapore and Malaysia since after both got independence.

Education is an important investment for the children and many people will get all means to achieve the end. It is a kind of if we can't get one to the mountain, we will get mountain to the one.

People migrate simply for the reason of equal opportunity and education for the children. Initially they have to sacrifice a lot, like business, job income or property. But ultimately they gain a good future for their children.

We have to consider ourselves that we are global citizens and if we have the extra resources, we are more than willing to contribute to the humanity and those who are in need.

Thanks to the borderless Internet, ICT and globalization, we could today have more choices and to a certain extent, say what we think that is correct.

coolooc said...

Don't worry. Many people are already leaving Malaysia for a better future elsewhere, where they are rewarded what is due them, their knowledge, intelligence and hard work. Blame people such as yourself for the brain drain in Malaysia is sufficiency.

As far as I can recall, the Melaka sultanate was not Muslim. Islam was introduced by the Muslim traders from the Middle East and some attributed it to Laksamana Cheng Ho, who was a Chinese Muslim. So please take note that the origins of the sultanate was no one that is Muslim.

Second - technically and legally speaking, only the natives such as the Jakuns, Ibans and Bidayuhs are the original pribumis in Malaysia. Even the malays have bloodlines from Sumatra, Sulawesi and Jawa.

I am praying for the day that some rich person(s) would challenge the current legal rulings when it comes to the rights of the malays because the malays do not originate from Malaysia and thus, do not deserve the title "prince of the earth" and the rights that go with it.

I am all for special rights for people who truly deserve it - the poor, the needy and the natives, who are the true bumis.

We are fast approaching the 50th anniversary of independence. Please ask ourselves what have we achieved in this span of time.

What has happened to our education system? How has our nation improved? How are we going to improve ourselves and make Malaysia a safe and friendly place for tourists and investors alike? Why is the crime rate going up, with numerous sexual assault, robbery and murder cases?

(But yes, by all means, continue to call someone a bitch. She is more articulate than you anytime of the day. More well read and traveled. In almost every sense, she is better than you. So if she is clueless, I wonder what do you call one who is like yourself?

And no matter how terrible/sinful/bad a person is, I am sure every religion promotes respect and love. No doubt even the Prophet would be respectful and patient of womenfolk.

Shows your family upbringing at home and how you treat your mother truly.)

What conservative Islamic values? The correct term is conservative Arabic values. These values are alien to Malaysia. Girls in the kampung used to bathe by the riverside.

Even P Ramlee movies hardly featured anyone in tudung. And now you have indoctrinated fools going scuba diving in the tudung. Oh, how the foreigners laugh!

People who want to live like Arabs should move to the Middle East. There is your cue, malay.

I personally think that men and women who do not have life experiences and relevant university educations should never qualify as politicians in near future.

After 50 years of independence, I expect a higher standard for politicians - well traveled, well read, well knowledgeable and informed. Plus admirable virtues such as respect, love, kindness and gentleness.

So our politicians (who represent Malaysia in the world front) and citizens ought to be more smart.

Malay, you should go to Pakistan/Iran/Afghanistan, on a one-way plane ticket. Make sure you strip off your Malaysian citizenship on the way there. Malaysia deserves much better than citizens such as yourself.

So please do us a favor and just fly to another country where your ideas will be welcomed and encouraged. Malaysia has no place for a person such as you.

ad3ck said...

uiks..ko pnye komen neh kene spam citer psl motor, dorang citer psl lain plak..hehe..da la panjang..hihi..

kakLuna said...

hik hik
mcm ada org wat crossline lak
kat komen ko ni..